All products are certified reference materials. 
​​​​​​​The Certified Reference Materials are produced under a quality management system that is:
- Registered to ISO 9001 Quality Management System (Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance Ltd
Cert No SOF0368072)
- Accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025 – Testing (ACLASS Cert No AT-1836)
- Accredited according to ISO 17034 - Reference Material Producer (ACLASS Cert No AR-1835) 

from 2 to 20 business days, emergency orders (24 hours) availability.

Main benefits of our certification in comparison to the ones given by other producers are to be found in the following:
- The Certificate of Analysis, reports the actual values and not simply the  calculated ones;
- Created in accordance with ISO Guide 31 and ISO Guide 35;
- The CoAsprovide full traceability of preparation. The dissolution of the raw materials (with their purity), passing through the preparation of the intermediate solutions and reaching to the preparation of the final solutions is described in section Additional Information; 
The uncertainties refer to each of the components separately and not to the  uncertainty of the whole mixture.

Spectraceris an expert in the production of Custom-made standards, which are prepared to exactly match client's needs and give them opportunities to quickly achieve their goals. If you do not find a stock product matching your needs, please send us an enquiry for custom-made product.